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05 Jun La Serena Golf

Murcia in south-eastern Spain, boasts a fantastic climate and this makes it the perfect place for a golf course. The region enjoys over 320 days of a sun per year, with dry winters and hot summers. However, contrary to what many people think, Murcia also receives enough to rain to produce top quality golf courses and La Serena Golf is up there with the best. La Serena Golf can be found on the famous Costa Calida, known as the ‘warm coast’ and this a region renowned worldwide for producing tremendous golf courses.

La Serena Golf is no exception and having opened in 2006, is considered by many to be one of the top golf courses in Murcia and beyond. The course was designed by Manuel Pinero and is a par-72, 18-hole golf course. Despite featuring many short holes and being mainly on flat terrain throughout, La Serena offers a great challenge to golfers of all abilities. There are many water hazards situated around the course and you must be accurate off the tee, as several of the fairways are narrow, only widening on approach to the green. Therefore, if you are struggling off the tee, expect to be severely tested by this golf course. There are also large bunkers strategically placed around the course, so be prepared to play out of the sand at some stage during your round. However, it’s water which is the major hazard at La Serena and lakes and streams come into play on the majority of the 18 holes. So, if you are nervous when playing around water and want to improve your game, La Serena is a great choice because there is no way you can avoid playing around it on this course. The 12th hole is regarded by many as being the toughest at La Serena. It’s a long, dogleg par-4 with a deep fairway bunker ready to collect anything which is not precise. The key to this hole is giving yourself the best possible angle to attack the green on your second shot, without sending your ball into the bunker. The closer you get to the bunker, the easier the second shot becomes but the higher the chance you will see your ball finish in the sand. It’s a cracking hole.

There is relief from the water on the par-5 10th hole and the par-4 11th hole but these are still very testing and you may find them more difficult than the holes which feature water. Many single figure golfers struggle to complete La Serena Golf without losing a ball and the course provided the perfect test for golfers on the Evolve Senior and Junior Tour. The 2017 Winter Series took place between 21st and 22nd February and the Spring event was completed in April. Both events were a huge success, with over €30,000 in prize money being awarded across the various tournaments. In February, the two-round senior winner was David Hague, an amateur golfer from England. Hague carded an impressive 6 under par across the 36 holes, including a superb 66 on the second round.

The key to Hague’s successful second round was missing only two fairways and this highlights how important accuracy is off the tee at La Serena. The Evolve Tour continues to go from strength to strength and this is in no small part due to great golf course like La Serena. The next time you are booking a golfing trip to Spain, head to Murcia and play La Serena for a fun and challenging round of golf, on a first-class co

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