Who said you cannot play golf in the winter

Who said you cannot play golf in the winter

20 Dec Who said you cannot play golf in the winter

Golf is the type of sport that is normally practiced during summer, because people like to feel the sunrays on their skin. Also, a golf game might take a while, and they have to feel comfortable to stay outdoors for a long period of time. But if you are a golf passionate, you might not have the patience to wait until summer, and you might want to give it a try during winter. Even if you are living in a country as Spain, some winters could surprise you and you might wake up one morning and notice that the surroundings are covered by snow. If you have planned to play golf during the winter holiday, but the weather surprised you in an unpleasant way, you should not give the course a break until the sun comes up in the sky. Here are some tips that would help you improve your game during winter, and allow you stay on the course even in the cold days of winter.


How to drive in wind, snow and rain

The majority of courses use mats to preserve the tee box, but you should not assume that it would be placed for a tee shot. For being sure that you are lined up correctly for it, you should use a pre-shout routine. Keep in mind that during winter you might feel the wind on the course. For being able to keep your stability, you should keep the lower part of your body quiet and widen your stance. During winter, you would notice that you would not get as much run along the ground as in the summer, so you should not hit a driver of the tee, you should use a fairway wood instead, because in this way you would not lose much distance.

Focus on short game

If you want to be the one who wins the game, then you should purchase some rescue woods or clubs because they might be needed when playing on temporary greens. In case you are taking run and bump shots, you should expect to see them playing around the greens, so you should chip it low and wait for the ball to role to the hole. You should invest in a lob wedge in case you do not have one, because it is essential to have one during the winter season. You would have difficulties in getting out of wet sand if you do not have one.

Practice golf while staying home

During winter, you have to have a perfect swing if you want to be the winner of the game, and you should know that for this you have to start off with the perfect grip. This might be uncomfortable, but you have all the time in the world during winter, so watch some online classes, and practice. Do not allow your body to have a pause during the winter months, because you would find difficult to coil and uncoil it when the summer comes. Improve your touch both on the greens and around them.

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